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Buying Better is an online purchasing tool that offers fully vetted products at a discount, making sustainable purchasing an easily accessible and financially smart thing to do. Buying Better harnesses the purchasing power of its membership to make buying green products more affordable by providing the volume discounts most businesses would not be able to obtain on their own.

Go 2 Green

Their mission is to offer priced-out, tried-and-true sustainability projects that they handle from start to finish. We do product research, installations, rebate applications, and calculated return on investment and payback periods.

Currently Go2 Green and eco-Andersonville are collaborating on a project to retrofit over100 energy wasting exit signs to highly efficient LED exit signs.  The goal is to offer the complete retrofit and installation at a price that every business can handle.  This also includes rebates through ComEd and an extra incentive provided by eco-Andersonville and SSA #22.  To learn more about this and other projects click here

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Eco-Andersonville is teaming up with the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), Illinois’ premiere utility watchdog group, to bring you, a new online tool that rewards you for saving energy! This is the starting point for Eco-Andersonville's Green Team.  The service is the first of its kind in the nation, providing ComEd customers with money-saving recommendations tailored to their homes. Join by clicking the button below and you will be entered into WEEKLY drawings all summer for FREE stuff at your favorite Andersonville businesses.

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Zap My Bill is an energy wholesaler with a fresh and innovative process focused on saving you money on electricity and natural gas. We are committed to setting a new standard for the industry by providing unmatched customer service and satisfaction

Located at:      


Second Floor

Chicago, IL 60640       

Open M-F, 9:00am-5:30pm 


For questions email

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