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Business Certification Process
  1. Complete the Sustainable eco-Andersonville Business Certification Program Application (link below)
  2. Receive the complete eco-Andersonville participation kit, with detailed instructions and resources
  3. Complete the web-based "Checklist" individually or with an eco-Andersonville Case Manager
  4. Accomplish necessary items to reach desired star level
  5. Consult the eco-Andersonville website for tips, resources, supplier information, etc. as needed
  6. Achieve certification and start receiving rewards and recognition
  7. Provide progress reports and re-apply for certification annually
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To begin the certification program, call the ADC offices at (773) 728-7552

Located at:      


Second Floor

Chicago, IL 60640       

Open M-F, 9:00am-5:30pm 


For questions email

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