Andersonville Recycles!

Recycle along Clark Street as you shop, dine, and play in Andersonville

The Andersonville Recycles! program collects paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass through a partnership with the Chicago Resource Center, which guarantees a recycling rate of 99%


Recycle15 recycling receptacles can be found along Clark Street from 5100 north (Winona) to 5600 north (Olive) allowing pedestrians to recycle while they visit Andersonville!

We are now into our third year of our very successful Andersonville Recycles! program. Program successes to date include:

  • - 16.73 tons of recyclable material diverted from area landfills

  • - 99% of recyclable material collected was recycled

  • - Still the only neighborhood streetscape recycling program in Chicago offering: glass, paper, plastic and  aluminum recycling

  • - Recognized in the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, and Mindful Metropolis

To help fund collection costs and to ensure that Andersonville Recycles! operates for years to come, ADC has put together an Adopt-A-Can sponsorship program.


Collection is made possible thanks to these 2012 Sponsors 

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Bethany Retiremetn Community
This project was started with financing from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. It is financially sustained through business sponsorships and funding from the Andersonville Development Corporation.

Located at:      


Second Floor

Chicago, IL 60640       

Open M-F, 9:00am-5:30pm 


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